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*All trademarked logos and images are used without the consent of those companies being depicted. I simply created these as mock ads and do not aim to represent them as actual advertisements. Any opinion or sentiment expressed by these ads in no way represents those of the companies being depicted.

Liverpool is a soccer team in the English Premier League sponsored by Adidas. Their emblem is depicted on the heart.

"The Blood of Soccer"

Real Madrid is also sponsored by Adidas and plays in La Liga in Spain.

Did you notice the bull?

This was originally a design I created for a contest 1800 Tequila was running in which contestants tried to design a bottle. I just converted the design into this ad.

Who invited these guys? I originally created this picture for a short film I created. My brother works for Virgin Money so I then converted it into this ad for them. I thought it could be used as a good cross promotional ad for Virgin Money and Virgin Airlines. Virgin Airlines could show the movie on their flights and include this picture in the complimentary magazine for minimal costs. The ad would then drive traffic to the Virgin Money website. There is a link to the film in the "Film Festival" portion of this portfolio shown below.